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Noura Eljerbi: How to create a minimal home?

What’s a minimal home ?
simply put “ A minimal home is a clutter free home “
a minimal home has only absolutely necessary things inside it , a few pieces of meaningful art on walls , a few plants to liven up the interior and bare minimum furniture .

Benefits of living in a minimal home ?
there will be many , but to name few , minimal home is always so clean and visually pleasing that it will give your mind well deserved peace after a day of hard work .
- easier to clean
the more stuff you have , the more you have to clean , think about how much time and energy you can save in minimal living and how less stressful your life will be and can  become more beautiful .
A minimal home naturally looks beautiful why ?
it’s clean , clutter free ,more open spaces , no visual distractions , all this makes it more appealing .
Characteristics of a minimal home
a few main aspects that define it , everything we chose to make a home minimal is as important as the things we need to avoid , get rid of , or just do without , in it  surfaces like walls , ceiling and floors are clear and mostly painted in white  , grey and beige , surfaces are often blank with few objects on them , every room would only have the essential pieces of furniture which are functional and absolutely necessary , a minimal home is designed in a way to take maximum advantage of natural light .
How to create a minimal home ?
- let’s get into details
look around your house , take all the unnecessary stuff and get rid of them , keep only the essential things .
- furniture
this part will explain what kind of furniture you should have in different rooms , the key here is to take one room at a time , don’t try to do the entire home at one go , you might end up creating more mess than sort them out .
* Living room
you don’t want to fill your living room with lot of furniture , here’s  a list of furniture that you should have in order to give your living room a minimal make over :
1- one 3 seater sofa - preferably with grey , beige , or black upholstery .
2- one lounge / reclining table
3- one small coffee table
4- flat screen T.V on the wall , no showcase or cabinet required here
5- a simple wall clock
* Dining room
a dining room table with 4-6 chairs , depending on the size of your family and the space , it should be very simple with clear glass top , you may use natural wood colours  for the table and chairs .
* Kitchen
the goal here is to keep your kitchen platform as clean as possible at all times , so have only the most essential objects out on the counter , i.e Microwave , kettle .

a wardrobe with glass door ( to break the volume of your large wardrobe ) , the design of bed should be as minimal as possible and preferably without or with a very small hood ( hood is a back side of the bed ) , you can add a couple of lamps if you are a fan of mood lighting .
* Bathrooms
they are very tricky as taste varies from person to person and size of the bathrooms , a few key points to consider :
1- no bathtub ( if you have a super lavish bath you can have one but it should not occupy more than  20 %  of the space )
2- just one cabinet below hand wash basin , no cabinets on the walls as it will make your bathroom look way smaller and create a visual distraction .
3- again colour is the key here , you may use  the material you want on the floors and walls but make sure you choose neutral shades .
*Natural /Artificial lights :
have maximum windows / openings to north direction , avoid the lights coming from the south and west direction since it’s harsh , and for the artificial lights your goal here should be to play very carefully with the lights , use white ivory lights , avoid using yellow lights , the key here is to make your interior looks very bright all the times .
- wall and ceiling should be painted in white colour , so they can reflect the light well and make your home look brighter ,  you may still experiment with walls by painting them with different colours but it’s a big NO with ceilings .
- floor tiles / you can choose any colour , but make sure don’t use more than two colour combination and avoid using fuzzy patterns with too many details , plus it’s better to use large size tiles .
- wooden floors / you can go with any colour here but not more than two colour combination too , preferably low in contrast .

*Art pieces
you can have meaningful art pieces in walls but those should not cover more than 20 % of the wall area , keep it simple .

now at the end you can have  a few objects like vases , lamp shades of optimal size ( not too big , not too small ) but don’t have them all in one  room .
hope this will help you transform your home and lead you to a simpler more meaningful life .


  1. The article itself is a minimal. I like how the minimal housing concept is simplified and explained.

    I beleive I'll be enjoying reading your blog. Keep the good work.

    Cheers. :)


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